What about Data Protection?

The only data held by Airmax Remote Ltd is the current odometer reading of the vehicle. This is used to provide the pro-active Service Reminder facility.

Airmax Remote Ltd complies with the principles of the UK Data Protection legislation. Personal information supplied by a driver or employer will only be used for the purposes provided and will not be passed to any third party without prior consent.

The Airmax Remote service is provided by Airmax Remote Ltd. The standard data held on Airmax Remote Ltd hosted service consists of mileage and journey logs transmitted by the in-vehicle Telematics unit. This information is anonymous and, in itself, does not constitute personal data.

Upon registration by the driver the service will hold personal data submitted by the driver, such as the driver's name, address and contact details. Additional vehicle data such as location and driving styles only available where the driver's employer has opted for an upgrade to the Airmax Remote service - as part of their commitment to complying with health and safety
legislation - and where a Driver's consent had been granted *.

Access to data held on Airmax Remote Ltd hosted service is initially restricted to the driver only and access to this data is controlled by the driver of the vehicle exclusively. Therefore, if the driver does not grant access to anyone, the information cannot be viewed by anyone else.

If the driver does not activate and register their account, no-one has access to the journey data. Data is stored at secure data centres.

*This is the default process but can vary dependent on individual company policy or nature of vehicle use. Your employer can request a specific process which does not require individual driver consent. You will be informed by your employer if this is the case.

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