How does Airmax Remote unit work?

To provide the automated service reminder, each Airmax Remote unit is fitted with a GSM modem which allows Airmax Remote Ltd to receive regular odometer readings directly from the vehicle's engine management system. This information is automatically updated into Airmax Remote fleet management software and compared with the manufacturer's servicing intervals to determine when the vehicle's next service is due.

Using contact data provided by the driver, Airmax Remote Ltd will advise them 2 months or 2000 miles prior to a service being due. With mapping screens used by Airmax Remote Ltd Fleet Service Controllers and pre-determined driver preferences they will contact the driver with the most convenient arrangement e.g. home or office collection, courtesy car facility, preferred garage, etc.

A simple SMS / email authorisation is communicated to the driver and a booking is then confirmed with the relevant garage, a process from start to finish that need take no more than a few seconds to complete!

The Airmax Remote system can also provide a number of features in addition to service reminders. Journey data, which shows the 'start and stop' locations, mileages and times of each trip, this is available to all fleet managers and this can be used as an aid to the preparation and submission of expense information. Where a driver's employer has opted for an upgrade to the standard service, acceleration and braking, idling and speed events may also be recorded, to assist with an employer's duty of care obligations. Only when access to this data is granted by the driver, however, may a Fleet Manager view such records. For more information on the benefits of in-vehicle telematics such as Airmax Remote, to both driver and their employer, please visit

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